my glance Francesco Soliani
utopian / asymmetrical / contradictory / astigmatic

I was born in 1967, I live and work in the hinterland of Venice (Italy).
Founder and president (for four years) of the photoclub Effemme / fotoamatori mestrini (2010-2018).

This is my personal photoblog started in August 2005.
Shots can be recent or old, selected among my photos and slides collected during my life.

First of all, for me, photo means emotion: every shot is a particular blend among its message, its subject and technique.
I don't know if I'm a good photographer, however this photoblog is a spur to force myself watching reality with new glance, trying to be more creative and less banal. I hope you like at least some my shots. If it's so - or otherwise too - I'll appreciate to read your opinions in the comments.

exhibitions and works

2008 - portfolio about Venice and its islands for the tourist site Planeteye.com
2009 - exhibition "Fotografando haiku" in Martellago
2009 - exhibition "L'idea di Venezia" in Trieste
2012 - present in the collective exhibition of Effemme "E' viva Mestre" in
2013/2022 - offical photographer for Reyer Venezia basket team for
2013 - present in the collective exhibition "street photography" of Effemme in
2013/2014 - I created the project dailylomo.com, a website to improve my
          shots, exclusively made with my smartphone and processed with the
          Lomogram app.

          The project has ended after reaching the goal to publish 200 photos
2016 - exhibition of street photography "Ovunque su questa strada" in Noale
2022 - exhibition "Rumore di fondo" in Spinea
2023 - exhibition "Avec le gitanes à Saintes-Maries-de-la-mer" in Spinea

my equipment

I started to take shots when I was a teenager with my father's Nikon F3HP. My first camera, bought with my first salary, was a Nikon FM2 which is still in my bag. I changed many cameras (film or digital type) and many lenses during my life. Currently I use Nikon, Fuji and Leica equipments.

All my shots are processed using a monitor calibrated with Datacolor Spyder3pro.
To ensure the correct brightness gamma you should adjust your monitor to see clearly all the blocks below, especially the darker and the lighter ones.


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