DevotionNocturneThree figuresCobblestone streetLevelsAccess deniedNightly enchantmentMoonrise over Pale di San Martino"Venite"SignalsFog in the canalVenetian externalDreamlandFog and luminous pathsLiving in light #2Moon and towerLiving in lightStars and stripesSpiderSnakePursuing starsWhen the giants sleepPlanetsFish visionHellish visionFollowing the trail to homeLandingplace to the blueA starry night over Monte Pelmo #2A starry night over Monte Pelmo4 + 4CascadeGhostsFly me to the moonEncountersOutlinesWhen the moon passes behind the treesStanding still while their thoughts are walking...Framed bridgeWalking among the archesNight in front of St. GiorgioMoon & JupiterGute Nacht Doktor FreudSo slowly goes the nightRome, flights over the CampidoglioRome, light vibrationsRome, when the stones dreamSerial shadeDuring the nightUnexpexted perspectiveQuiet along the riverNight passageDynamic progressionGiudecca