Conversation under the cloudsIn shadesGreen and blue (and yellow)Orange (and yellow and green)There will be no miracles hereThe green doorAn exitSilent screamShapes of lifeWelcome in my little green worldLanding on a coloured planetNumber 49Colours in winterLove bugsNight in front of St. GiorgioFishing cabinAnother four leavesOpen Sesame!Three green doors and one black carWhat are they looking at?Power spotsGreen in the streetStasisSleeping in the garden of my dreamsFrom a window trainColours in SopotColours and flowerJulySimply ruralBlood of May / Red solitudeBolt, beam and coloursMicrocosmosFour tonesConnectionsFriuliPoppies & poplar seedsA day in Burano #2A day in Burano #1Red 'n' greenTwo steps outdoorsFence and grass